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February 20, 2006
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Centralizer by chaosmuse Centralizer by chaosmuse
Currently Not Functional

Another skin, simply altering deviantART's layout and size. For me, this is a way to step back and get just a bit of the information at a time instead of being bombarded with content.

Sometimes I need it for my eyes. Oh, my old, old eyes.

Intended for 1024*768 resolution or higher. 800*600 version coming soon.


Replaced missing links in header.
Removed Network Admin notice (had hidden the search bar).
Fixed search bar.
Updated preview image to reflect changes.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2006-02-22
Looking to center all your DA content for easier viewing? Centralizer by =chaosmuse is just the thing. Some fabulous coding here, people. ( Featured by abhimanyughoshal )
0syrys Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2008  Student General Artist
Can u give me the picture with those beautiful lips ? please ! :D
Vampirneko Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
great idea ^w^
Blade707 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2006  Student Photographer
very trippy.
sine-out Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Excellent, and unique skin. It is so nice to be able to view dA with more readable line lengths, without my needing to go out of the maximised mode.

Anyway, there are a few problems, that you are doubt aware, for those of us with larger screen resolutions (or, more specifically, wider screen resolutions), which cause a lot of things that are centred, to be, well, not centred.
I have cludged together a poor fix to the problem, but, I await your larger screen version.
chaosmuse Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
My smaller screen version is ready to go, but I have no idea what larger resolutions are standard. 1280*1024 is definately one, but others? I have no idea.

There's some arbitrary positioning issues that keep me from making one that works across the board. Eventually, maybe I'll figure something better out.
sine-out Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Well, the height of the resolution doesn't really matter so much as the width of the resolution.

Common screen widths more than 1024 pixels are:
1152,1280,1400,1440,1600,1680,1920 and 2048.

However, obviously, this is far too many to bother making separate style sheets for, the most commonly used display widths out of those would be 1280 pixels and 1600 pixels.
sucadu Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006
really cool idea and congrats for the dd!
thespook Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006
way cool! :)

i really like the look of the main toolbars when they're like that. it's nice.
and the narrower column makes reading things much easier :nod:

one problem though - depending on what resolution we have our desktops, the head deviantART will either be centered or not (i guess 1024x768 is the sweetspot?) I replaced your current center deviantART styles with the following and it works as expected (though you might want to give it some whitespace below, so it doesn't come so close to the message center links.

#deviantART #head h1{text-align:center}

the coolness doesn't end there though - i can stack it ontop of my skins and they work together perfectly. well. almost ;p
(how did i stack it? i use this extension called [Stylish], it's for CSS what greasemonkey is for javascript. it's still buggy, but it's shaping up just fine)

oh. and also. i see my page there! wee :dance:
chaosmuse Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer

Thanks for the link. Ohhh, it's sweet. I've had people asking about that recently.

I'm gonna make a version for 800*600 next, then maybe a big honkin' one for those crazy people that like their screens unreadable. :D
inhereisatragedy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2006
mofg, mumu! congratulations <3<3!! this is a gooooorgeous skin. :3
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